Lonsway Speaking

Inspiring the BEST YOU . . . at Work and in Life


Read real feedback from Kris’s speaking engagements.

For the past two decades, Kris Lonsway has been a proven and sought-after organizational and personal effectiveness specialist. Thousands of professionals, in hundreds of organizations, have grown from Kris’ insights as an industrial and organizational psychologist, executive coach, trainer, human resources and talent management consultant, and presenter.

As a speaker, Kris takes a highly-customized approach to her audiences, incorporating relevant tools, practical exercises, and personal solutions in leadership, organizational culture, team effectiveness and career progression. Her insider intelligence and real world perspective come from diverse experience as a(n):

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

Kris understands the critical success factors for individual and team performance, leadership, influence, and career progression.

Executive Coach

Kris coaches leaders and employees, and works with their managers to understand and define success for targeted development.

Head of HR and Organizational Effectiveness, and currently Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

Kris develops talent management, culture and career progression programs for a wide variety of organizations and knows “what management is looking for” in high-potential employees.

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