Get there faster.

“I interviewed a number of coaches and chose Kris because of her experience (she has been in the room) and ability to communicate in a sincere, honest manner. If you are looking for a coach who will not waste your time and push you in the directions you want to go, I highly recommend Kris.”
- Coaching Client, Financial Services Industry


Accelerated development for leaders wanting to make a deeper impact.
Kris helps motivated leaders get there faster and build stronger teams so you can do even more. She coaches all levels of leaders from CEOs and board presidents to first-time leaders and middle managers who are stepping into bigger roles.
What differentiates Kris from other coaches?
Proven results, a lot of reps (25+ years of coaching successful leaders and leadership teams), an extensive library of leadership development resources, and insider knowledge of what senior management and boards look for in leaders.

Kris is an expert on human behavior and culture transformation and knows what it takes to move the needle for you and your team. Choose from 3, 6, and 12-month executive coaching packages with a tailored approach to meet your needs. Incorporate leadership assessments for even faster results.

Or hire Kris to work with your leadership team to get everyone aligned on an accelerated journey of growth together.
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“Kris is an outstanding coach who helped me tremendously in recognizing my strengths and weaknesses. Kris was instrumental in coaching me to take my performance to the next level with ease.”
- Executive, Healthcare Industry
“My coaching engagement with Kris was super helpful. She flexed agendas and style to support where I needed the conversation to go in terms of managing weekly issues while also holding me accountable for delivery of my development plan.”
- Executive, Energy Industry
“Kris was an extremely effective coach. She provided helpful observations, feedback, and tools. She challenged my thinking, expanded my perspective, and provided empathy. It was good to have a coach I could talk to in an open, honest way.”
- Executive, Consumer Goods Industry


Scalable development for growth-minded teams.

When it comes to orchestrating team success, Kris is a proven maestro. Her expertise began almost 30 years ago when she conducted her dissertation on key success factors of high-performing diverse teams at a Fortune 500 company, and she has since coached hundreds of teams.

Kris quickly gets your team discussing “the elephants in the room” with her facilitation excellence and toolkit of team building and breakout activities. She is also certified and highly skilled at using team assessments if you prefer a data-driven approach.

Leadership teams:
Enhance cohesiveness and collaboration
Improve communications
Identify and recognize strengths
Address shared challenges
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“It really can be “lonely at the top” so having a sounding board with the knowledge and skills that Kris does has been fantastic.”
- Executive Coaching Client, Financial Services Industry


Data-driven leadership development for optimized growth.

A great option for increasing self-awareness, removing blind spots, and targeting priority development areas, 360° Stakeholder Feedback has exploded in popularity for a reason.

Kris utilizes interview and/or survey-based 360° stakeholder feedback tools with leaders and entire leadership teams when organizations want to build capability on a larger scale.

Kris’s research analyzing 360° feedback patterns inspired the topics she addresses in her forthcoming book, Reflect. Refine. Reignite: Cultivating a Leadership Mindset and Team Growth.

Inquire About 360° Feedback Coaching
“I really enjoyed the process of assessment and reflection. The scientifically-backed assessments were quite helpful to get a good sense of various dimensions that make up a well-rounded leader. I developed a better sense of self, tips, and tricks to put into practice. Kris is an excellent coach!”
- Executive Coaching Client, Healthcare Industry


Strategic assessments for building self-awareness.
Kris facilitates gold-standard self-assessments, including the Hogan Leadership Series and others, to assist leaders in applying insights to their leadership style in a more private manner.
These valuable insights enable leaders to:
Enhance self-awareness and executive presence
Avoid derailing behaviors
Identify top motivators and values
Improve skills in assessing new hires and team members’ needs
Connect with and lead others more effectively
Inquire About Leadership Style Assessments
“Kris had very insightful observations on my personal style. I gained self-confidence and clarity in what makes me an effective communicator and manager. Several approached me to say they saw a real change in my execution of deals, delivery of messages and overall presence.”
- Executive Coaching Client, Financial Services Industry